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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ab-normal Beauty

Name: Sei Mong Se Jun (HK), Ab-normal Beauty (English Title)

Director: Oxide Pang

Release Date: November 4, 2004


Unlike some of the earlier films I've reviewed, this movie is directed by only one of the Pang brothers; in this case, Oxide Pang. However, the Pang brothers completed two movies as part of this set, the other being Leave Me Alone directed by Danny Pang. The two movies share only one thing in common: the car crash in both movies are the same one. The rest of the separate movies have nothing to do with each other. Leave Me Alone is more of a thriller while Ab-normal Beauty makes a foray into the horror genre.


Jiney is a self-absorbed rich-girl-turned-tormented-art-student suffering from parental neglect. The only one that truly cares for her well-being is Jas, her close friend and possible lover (kinda strange, considering how the two are actually SIBLINGS in real life). There's a boy that's interested in her, but she pays him no mind, unless it's to act out her own perversely morbid fantasies. After happening upon a car accident, she is fascinated by the dead body of the woman and takes pictures of the gruesome scene with her camera. Afterwards, she develops an unhealthy obsession with death, which ultimately leads her into a the hands of a murderer.


Visually, I would say that Abnormal Beauty is stunning, the colors especially. Oxide Pang certainly has a thing for greens, yellows, and reds! The acting was fairly good, considering how the two female leads are originally singers and not actors. To me, the lesbian undercurrents between Jiney and Jas could have been more developed if Oxide Pang had decided to go that route. The plot was a little simplistic IMHO. I would say that the movie focused more on the horror moments than the storyline as a whole (there could have been way more development). Aside from that, I would call this more a thriller than a horror. It was fairly entertaining, though I got a bit bored at other times. I do give it points for being refreshing in teh sense that hey! No creepy long haired ghost thing!

Entertainment: 6

LINK: Watch Ab-normal Beauty


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